Gionee Elife S5.5, the slimmest Android Smartphone got released in 2014 by the Chinese Manufacturers. It has come with 1.7 GHz octa-core processor, a 5 inch wide display with super Amoled display, 2GB RAM and 16GB ROM having 13 MP rear camera and 5 MP front camera support. It has initially came up with Android 4.2 Jelly Bean and later got upgrade to Android 4.4.4 KitKat OS.
After purchasing the Gionee elife S5.5, you would be definitely looking for the methods which will make the best out of your smartphone. In order to do so, you need to root your device and then you would be able to install all types of applications, you can modify the preinstalled apps, you can install various Customer ROM's etc.
Now, After watching the benifits of having rooted Smartphone, you would be definitely decided to root it. Even if you don't know how to do that, we will teach you in making the task accomplished. Here the Team of Tech Habitat, have designed a neat and unambiguous tutorial to root your Gionee Elife S5.5 Android smartphone.
WARNING: Rooting your device will void the warranty and sometimes will leave you with a bricked device. But dont worry, you can later unroot your device and get back with your warranty. We are no where responsible if you brick your device. Proceed with your own risk.
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Come On!!!! Lets cook the food..
1. Andoid Device
2. Laptop/PC
3. USB data cable
1. First of all, have a backup all your important data. (For Security)
2. Now, from your Laptop/PC have a download of KINGO ROOT from the link given below.
Click here to Download KingoRoot                               
3. After the download has finished, install the software on your Laptop/PC.
4. Download the USB Drivers for Gionee and install them on your Laptop/PC.
5. Connect your Device to your PC using USB cable and then a pop-up appears on your Gionee Device.
6. There you can select USB Debugging and Turn-ON it.
7. Now open KingoRoot on your Laptop/PC and you can see that your Device name appears in that.
8. Click Root and your device will start rooting. It will take around 5-6 mins and you can see that your Device is getting restarted couple of times.
9. Finally you will get as root succeed on your Laptop/PC. This indicates the successful rooting of your Gionee elife S5.5 and you can observe that superuser to be installed on your Device. 
That's it !!!! Now you have your Gionee Elife S5.5 with root access. In order to check for whether you are having root access or not, you can have a download of root checker.

If you people encounter any technical issues while rooting, Feel free to reach us by leaving your comments below.
You can find that in many Blogger templates, there will be a "subscribe to:Posts(Atom)" link at the bottom so that the blog users can be able to subscribe to Atom feeds. Having already the RSS feeds for may bloggers, they feel this link to be pretty useless. Moreover this will take some space at the bottom which will also doesn't look nice for many blog visitors. Having this at the bottom will make your blog lack the professionality. Henceforth you need to remove this from your template.

How to remove subscribe to:Posts(Atom) link?

Step-1: Go to Dashboard > Template > Edit HTML


Step-2: Click anywhere inside the code window and press Ctrl+F to open the blogger search box.


Step-3: Search for the below line
<b:include data='feedLinks' name='feedLinksBody'/>
Step-4: Remove the above line and Click on the Save Template button to save the changes. That's over.

Now you should not see the Subscribe to:Posts(Atom) link on your blogger template.

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Hi Readers,
Android is the current most used operating system in the world. Almost more than 50% of the world population is using Android as their primary smart device. It is a free version that's why the whole world started doing lot of experiments on it and daily we find enormous number of cases who end up with bricking their device and seeking a solution to their ever increasing problem. In the process of rectifying some of those problems, we "TechHabitat" is working on sorting out some new types of solutions for these problems.
Today I have come up with a new solution to a new problem about unbricking Infocus M530.
How to unbrick Infocus M530 when it is hard bricked as well as soft bricked.
Follow the below procedure clearly:
1. Infocus M530 Stock ROM in zip format.
                 Click here to download
1. Copy the zip file you have downloaded into your SD card.
2. First of all, connect your mobile to PC/Laptop using USB cable and switchoff your mobile. (Remove the battery and reinsert it).
3. Now press volume-up+power key at a time until you enter into the recovery mode. Recovery mode is the place where you will see some menus regarding the clocking, formatting and installing updates from SD card.
4. In the recovery mode, you will find an option called "Install zip from SD card".
5. Now you can select your zip file from the location where you had saved it in your SD card and just install the file.
6. After the operation is completed, do factory data reset from the same recovery mode and Reboot the device.
7. First boot take almost more than 10 minutes to get booted.
After the device gets booted, you can see that your phone is power on and you will be able to see the startup logo. That's it, now you will be able to find that your device is unbricked. Enjoy with your routine daily stuff or experiments on your device.

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Hello Friends,

I have come up with a solution regarding the hard brick and soft brick of your Infocus M350. Recently, i have purchased this mobile and had gone through the same issue. Hence i wish to give you some support regarding the unbricking of the handset.
If you have bricked your device while upgrading to lollypop, then you need to change the text.
First open the updator-script in the below location
meta-inf<android<google<updater script.
Open the file and delete the first 4 lines in that file ( updater script ), save it and then re-zip the file. This should be done if you get boot loop while upgrading to lollipop and this is the verification of your zip. Remove those starting 4 lines and re-zip to ( do only in KITKAT
This should solve the problem. (*Do this only if you get boot loop while upgrading to lollipop*).
After this small note, lets continue with the unbricking process,

1. Infocus M350 stock ROM in zip format infocus m350 stock ROM (KitKat 4.4.4) and 
   Infocus m350 stock lollipop update (lollipop 5.1)
   Download any one of the them
2. Infocus M350 stock boot Stock boot.img file 
    Infocus m350 stock recovery stock recovery file 
3. adb and fastboot files adb and fastboot files
1. From your mobile, press volume down+power button at a time and then you will get intlo the fastboot mode. After that connect the device to the pc.
(Follow the above note if you find boot loop after the lollipop update)

2. Now copy the recovery file, kitkatboot.img and files to adb and fastboot folder. Copy both kitkat and lollipop zip files to your SD-card. 

3. Next open the command prompt window inside the particular folder.( Press shift+right click  and you will get the option called open command prompt here). 
In cmd window, type the following
fastboot devices
fastboot flash boot kitkatboot.img
fastboot flash recovery recovery.img
fastboot boot recovery.img
****If this last command doesn't get your device to recovery mode, you have to press volumeup+power at a time until you get into recovery.****

4. Now you will get into recovery mode and there you will find an option called "update from adb sideload" inside the install zip menu. Click on that option.
****If you already have a recovery, then you can start from here****

5. Now come back to pc and copy that stock ROM ( ) to the adb and fastboot folder.

6. Now in your phone, click on adb sideload That's it . Now the flashing starts and it takes almost 5 min to complete.

Your phone's RAM is the most essential component which will be playing a vital role in terms of speed and performance. If you are having more RAM, that means the processor has more storage capacity to process more and more temporary functioning files and the device can freely work which ensures it to be fast enough.
But if you are facing the problem of low RAM on your device, then the processing power of your device is affected. And if you have low RAM, then you will probably cannot be able to play high end games on your Android smartphone or even the performance may lag while doing some simple tasks such as watching a video, typing a text etc. 

So if you are suffering from the low RAM problem and if you want to get rid of it, then you are at the right place. After reading this post, you will be able to increase the RAM of your device successfully.

Things before increasing RAM:

Before you actually start out the process to increase the RAM of your smartphone, you need to know couple of things before doing that. In this article we will be using an application to increase the RAM and this app will be requiring root access to your phone.

So make sure that you root your smartphone before starting out. Also keep in mind that there are some issues with this application as roof uses a swap file which will be made on your SD card and hence be used as RAM. But some of the Android devices will not support swap file, so this app won't be functional in that case. So before starting out, make sure that your phone supports swap file. You can check the device compatibility with swap file by using a special application.
You can download the app from here and if it says that it will support, then follow the steps in the post to increase the RAM of your Android device. Or else you can also be able to increase the RAM of your device using the link posted below which will be also working for unrooted users ( i.e., for the users who are unwilling to root their smartphone.

And Read: How to Increase RAM of Android phone (Unrooted users) 


This RAM expander app which is available in the play store is one of the best app in it which allows you to easily increase the RAM of your Android device. So let's start with the process to increase RAM using ROEHSOFT RAM EXPANDER. 
Please have an abstract look at some of the features of this app to increase the RAM of your Smartphone.

  • Swap memory file upto 4 GB ( In simple letters it can increase RAM by 4GB depending on your device and memory card too)
  • Widget for PNP swap.
  • Detailed analysis of your memory and the details about it.
  • Swappiness kernel parameter already set.
  • Very easy to use and create swap file and really simple interface.
  • It will be working with most of the Android devices.

Download the App from here:


Here in the below are the list of things we would need before starting the process to increase the RAM.
  • A rooted android phone, but if you haven;t done it first root your device as this method only works with root access to your smartphone.
  • ROEHSOFT RAM EXPANDER app, you can download this from the link we provided. But this is not a free app, so you need to buy this or go for some unofficial app versions.
  • An external SD memory card installled on your device.


So follow the below steps to increase the RAM of your Android device:
  • Install the application on your smartphone on which you wish to increase RAM.
  • Now after you installed the app, choose your default language.
  • Now for increasing the RAM, create a SWAP file by clicking on the SWAP active and enabling it.
  • After the process gets finished, just click on the grey coloured box and activate the swap file which is created.
  • Now you have successfully increased the RAM of your Android device.
This RAM which is increased will not be shown in the task manager but you will be able to feel the change in the overall performance of your device which seems to have boosted up. If you have some decent RAM, then you can play some high end games and check the performance. Hence i feel that this post has helped you a lot who are facing the problem about the low performance.

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Hello friends, In this session I am going to give a detailed idea about how to download recuva and the usage of software with free of cost. Most of the guys have faced a problem with lose of files,images,or any data unfortunately and frustrated due to this. Now you people need not to worry a lot as recuva helps to recover the data which was lost.

Recuva is the free software which will be able to recover deleted files from any disk which means it lets you restore lost files from your hard disk. It probably uses the NTFS (new technology file system),or FAT ex FAT systems used on USB sticks, most storage cards and music player.

Recuva available in two versions:

1. Normal one that you should install on your computer whenever required.
2. Another version is "Portable" which can be install in external storage devices.

The main advantage of portable over normal one is that you can install it on an external drive with out overwriting any of the free space on your hard disk.

Steps for installing Recuva Software in your PC

  1. Download the recuva software by using any one of the links of your choice.                                            Click here for Normal version recuva : Download                                                                          Click here for Portable version recuva :download                                       
  2. Click on download the software and install it on your PC.
  3. After opening recuva, you will have options like yes or no click on yes then you get another window.
  4. Click on next the you get another new window there you should choose the file for recovering if you don't have idea about exact file type choose all files.
  5. Click on next then you enter into a new window there you need to mention where the files are ?
  6. If you don't have any idea simply select I am not sure and click on next then your files are recover shortly.
  7. Then you click on start then your deleted files will be scanned shortly.and select the enable deep scan during this process this help you to recover all files with out missing any single file.
  8. Finally your deleted files scanning is on under process you can see the status in the window shown below
  9. After the scan is complete,a list of deleted files will appear in main window.You can right click on the list to switch list mode to thumb nail mode which display thumb nails of some files,but not all. Each file is flagged with different color which indicates whether the file is recoverable, probably not recoverable or gone forever.
  10. Next click on recover button and select a location on your computer where you want the program to copy the recovered files. That's it guys now you can easily recover your deleted files.


New version available is 1.51.1063

    I like free software, and I like Recuva. For most situations where I'll want to recover deleted files—for example, on a family member's hard disk or camera card—it gets the job quickly and easily. But if I worked in a small or large office where lost data means lost money or lost customers, I'd also make sure to have a paid-for copy of On Track Easy Recovery Professional handy for files that Recuva, despite its name, can't recover.

     Start enjoying this software but don't forget to give your valuable feedback to us.If this really help you,take a second for us and share this article in the social media world.If you have any questions regarding this procedure,feel free to comment,Thank you.

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Now a days, having an Android phone has become quite common in each and every pocket. Most of the users use the phone itself as passion and there are some people who maintain their User Interface as passion. For those who always thrive for something to do new to your Android phone just like me, then there is an opportunity in Android Operating System. That is just by changing of the ROM for your Android smartphone in order to get rid of the old monotonous Stock ROM. There are many options to install custom ROM on Android devices. 

But there are many other things you need to do before getting to flash a ROM on your Android device. This article will get you through all those things you need to do before flashing your smartphone. 

Get Root Access:

As this is pretty obvious, you would first need to get root access. You should root your Android device to be able to flash a custom ROM. There are many paid apps available in the playstore which will be helping you to gain root access within a few clicks. Some of the apps would be Towelroot, Chainfire, Framaroot, etc. 
You can root your device from those apps or you can go through our article below:

Flash a Custom Recovery:

First of all you should know about what is recovery. A recovery is just a mode which should be loaded in every Android device so that you will be able to perform several system oriented tasks. The recovery put in by your manufacturer of your device is quite very basic. It will not allow you to perform some advanced level tasks, including the option to install the custom ROM. So you must install a custom recovery on your device first. Some of the custom recovery softwares are CWM (clockwork recovery mode) and TRPP recoveries etc. Also you should keep in mind that whether you are installing the recovery supported by your intended ROM or not. Or else,  you will end up on a boot loop or soft brick. 

Backup everything:

Whenever you try to flash a custom ROM, you should completely wipe the data on the device. So you should first make a backup of all your important data on the device like apps, messages, contacts, photos etc. There are so many ways to backup your data. Also you should backup the entire phone including the before ROM so that in case the ROM doesn't boot up, then you should be in a position to to restore your entire device as like before. 

Find a good ROM:

If you are like a person who change the ROM's just for fun, play with them and change it again, then there is no problem. But if you are like a person who stick to the single ROM then you should be careful of certain issues in selecting the perfect ROM for your device. Firstly you should make sure that the ROM is completely stable and has no bugs. You spare some time, search for a better one and go for it.


While analysing of the ROM, you should take care of the kernel you are using. If you are using a stock kernel, then make sure that whether the ROM is compatible with the stock kernel or not. Or in the case of Custom Kernel, you must again have to make sure that the device would be working with the custom ROM and the custom kernel. If you don't do so, you might face a situation where you may brick your device. Although you can recover from the brick attack using Download or Fastboot mode, but still it is always said that Prevention is better than cure.

Hence the above article may be helpful before you go for a custom ROM. 
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YouTube is the most popular (top 1) video streaming site in the world. Now-a-days, the YouTube mania has reached peaks where almost some millions of uploads are taking place every day and some billions of people are streaming it daily. Due to its huge popularity, people are mostly interested in watching lots of videos through online and offline every day. Watching YouTube Videos online is not a big issue. But the main problem raises when a person wishes to watch the videos offline. In order to watch the you-tube videos offline, we should definitely get aware of download process. Hence you-tube video download should happen and we have to search for an app to download YouTube videos.


YouTube videos can be downloaded through a number of ways. One is by browsing through a website and pasting the link of your website over there and getting the download link for your video. Yes, there is a website to download YouTube videos.
You can refer to our previous article to download you-tube videos free without using any software from the below link.

Download YouTube videos free without using any software on windows 7,8,8.1

And another way is by using a software to download YouTube videos free. There are many software’s for this process. Here I am going to share you some software’s by which you can download videos from you-tube. So let’s talk about the software’s one by one. But before that, I want to show you a technique by which you can free download YouTube videos online just by single click below the video itself. 

You can take a look from the above image that below the video, you have a download option. Are you wondering how did this happen really! Now I will show you complete tutorial how this has happened and after this article you will be able to download YouTube videos just by single click. Now I would like to introduce you people with a software to download you tube videos free online. Downloading and installation process will be shown step by step for you in this article.
For that, we have a software called SaveFromNetHelper-Web-10eaabdaae-307 using which you can download the Youtube videos just by single click. 

Download and Install SaveFrom.Net Helper for Windows 7,8,8.1:

You can download the software and install it successfully from the following steps.

First of all go to the Official website of the software provider from here.


The website will be looking just like above image.

Next click on the download option just as shown in the image above. As soon as you press the download button, your software is downloaded. Downloaded software will look just like the below image.

Now double click on the file and your installation process starts. After that the installer will download some content from the official website and now you will get a windows just like below. Check on the check boxes for which you want to embed the direct download button and press Next.

After next, click on the Finish from the next window.
That's it. Now you can browse to your favourite video and you will get the download option beside the subscribe button.

Now you have your software installed on your computer. Now I will be explaining the working of the software to download youtube videos free online.

How to download a Youtube Video ?

  1. Now open the Official website
  2. Next on the search bar, type your favorite video name and hit enter.
  3. Now you will be getting a streaming video and below that you can subscribe, about like buttons.
  4. But now you will be seen a special button called download beside the subscribe button.
  5. That’s it. Now by just clicking on that download button, you will be able to download the youtube videos free online just by single click. 
Now there are also some other software’s through which you can download the youtube videos. Next software we are talking about now is Youtube video downloader.

What is Youtube Video Downloader ?

YouTube video downloader is the most popular application to download youtube videos on computer/PC. This is a software where after opening the application, you will have a space to paste your youtube link and after pasting the link you will get the download link for the video. By clicking on the link, your video will be downloaded.

YouTube video downloader free download:

Here we have provided you with a secure and virus free link to download the youtube video downloader.

Download YouTube videos using IDM (Internet download manager):

Internet download manager is a very effective software to download videos from youtube. This software is the most efficient app to download youtube videos but this software comes with only one month trial pack and after the month trial, you have to buy the software.
You can download the software from the below link provided.

                                DownloadInternet download manager

Orbit software to download youtube videos:

Orbit is another popular software to download youtube videos. This software works similarly like IDM where you will get the download option above the video itself on the youtube website.
You can download the software from the below link:

                                   Download OrbitDownloader

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We all must have faced a situation where a friend who has very little knowledge on computer and needs immediate help on certain aspects will be asking us what to do to overcome the problem. Hence even though we have pretty good knowledge, we could not help him because on some problems it is difficult to explain on phone or chat. Hence we need to remotely help him to overcome the problem. To do so, I have found a solution through which we can be able to remote access other's computer with the help of internet. Team Viewer is an excellent choice as it will be allowing us to remotely control another computer.  However a personal/non commercial usage of TeamViewer is completely free. 

Download TeamViewer 5,6,7,8,9,10 free for Windows and MAC:

There are different websites to download TeamViewer. But some sites may contain malware virus which can destroy your Computer if you download it. Hence we have provided you with a tutorial by which you can download Teamviewer secure and virusfree. 
  1. Open the website
    2. When you open the website click on the download option.
The file may be around 7 MB and download it and move it to the comfortable place by copying and pasting in your favourite location.

 Install TeamViewer 5,6,7,8,9,10 for windows and MAC on PC/Laptop:

You can install TeamViewer on your PC/Laptop successfully by following the below process:
First of all Double click on the downloaded file and the installation process begins. You will get the following window.
Then from the window, select Basic installation and under the next option selector as Personal/Non-commercial use just like as shown in the below screenshot and press Accept-finish.
After that the installation window appears and finally the application will open automatically.
That's it. Now Teamviewer is installed on  your computer and you can make a remote access to another computer. i.e, you can be able to control another computer by sitting in your house through internet connection.

To understand the usage and to know how to use the software, please follow the below article:
Also Read: How to Control another PC using TeamViewer
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We all would be definitely having a friend or relative who has very good knowledge on computers and can be able to solve the problems related to computer (Techie guy). In order to help us, he need to visit our home or we need to go to his place. As this is a lengthy and stressful process, we hereby came with a technique through which one person can remote access another pc computer using a remote desktop software called Teamviewer. 
Teamviewer is remote access software which can be successfully able to control another computer without moving to the host's place (i.e., just by sitting in your home, you can be able to control your friend's pc located in some other place). Teamviewer will help you to remote computer access just by sitting in a stationary place.

Is it possible to remotely access another computer ?

Yes, it does. We can be able to control (remote access) another computer just by installing the remote desktop software named Teamviewer. After installing the software, you will be asked to enter the Partner ID which will be provided by your partner whose computer is to be accessed. Your partner would be getting the ID by installing the Teamviewer in his computer. By this way, he can be able to control his partner's computer by using free remote desktop software.

Teamviewer free download:

First of all before knowing about how to control another computer which is far away, we first need to download Teamviewer software. There are many websites where you can download teamviewer. But they may be containing some harmful malware attacks which may harm your pc computer. So we had provided you with a safe download link and installation procedure by which you can be able to get the secure free version of Teamviewer.

Tutorial and link to download Teamviewer:

Below link will redirect you to the secure tutorial (article) to download Teamviewer.
For Teamviewer to be working on your pc, your computer should meet the following requirements.
  1. Both the computers (i.e, you and your partner) should have a working internet connection.
  2. Basic computer knowledge.
  3. min. of 1 GB RAM running with windows 7 or 8.1 or 8.

How to use Remote Desktop software: Teamviewer ?

After installing Teamviewer on both the systems, Now open Teamviewer on both of them.
Now Open Teamviewer and you will be getting a window just as shown below.
There you will be getting a space to enter Partner ID and select your purpose i.e, Remote conrol to control another computer and File transfer for transferring of files.
Now enter Your Partner's ID of whose you want to remote access and press Connect to partner.
After that, you will be asked to enter the password and you should enter the password of your Partner's installed Teamviewer. You will be getting a windows as shown below.
After that, you will be displayed with your partner's desktop screen on a window and you can control your partner's pc computer.
That's it. Now you will be getting your partner's computer in a window and now you have full rights to remote access/control your Partner's pc.
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