How to send encrypted mail using gmail account

Some times we have to secure some files,documents,or any information about a company or an organisation which has to be shared with another member.If the other partner looses his login password,then there is a chance of information getting transferred to the third party.
In that case,to avoid unauthorized access,we can send an email which is protected or encrypted by providing password which is known only to the sender and the receiver.The sender can share the password with the receiver. So that the information cannot leak to the third party.

Secure Main for GMail:  download

Steps for sending encrypted mail:

Step 1: Go to the chrome browser and click on web store.
Step 2: Search for the app secure mail for Gmail (by streak)
Step 3: Click on add to chrome 
Step 4: Then open your gmail account or refresh it if it is open.
Step 5: You will get the lock symbol beside compose message. when you want to send protected mail you click on the lock symbol and proceed
Step 6: send the mail as usual.and click on send option.then you can get the box which ask the password and password hint.enter the password and hint and send the mail.
Step 7: The receiver can able to see the mail only after the decrypt the mail by entering the password which is similar to the sender.


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