How to activate and make windows 7 sp1,sp2 genuine permanently

Hello viewers!! How you guys are doing? Hope all of you are doing well like me. Today I am going to teach you about how to make windows 7 genuine. Windows is the product of Microsoft developed for the PC /Computer in order for its running. As all you people know that windows is somewhat costly and it is expensive process to buy windows 7, people mostly interested in the software's which are freely available in the market. As these software's are freely available, they may suffer with a problem called windows ingenuity ,i.e., windows at a point of time will show you an error/warning called "windows is not genuine"
And when you try to make it genuine, it will ask you to enter windows 7 product key inorder to activate windows 7.

This may not affect your daily works much, but you may feel uncomfortable and your desktop wallpaper will become black in colour periodically. These problems make your windows usable experience much harder and uncomfortable to use.

There is a solution to overcome this problem and now we will provide you with a step by step tutorial to make your unactivated version into genuine windows 7 product.

What all you Need:

1. An unactivated windows or a windows 7 version which is not genuine.
2. Very little knowledge on Computers.
3. Command Prompt.(CMD)
4. Lastly, Our website Tutorial.

How to make windows 7 genuine by using Command Prompt:

Here we will show you the tutorial to make your windows 7 genuine permanently using Command Prompt.
Now Open Command Prompt (CMD) as Administrator from the Start Menu as shown below.
Type in cmd on search and right click on it and select Run as administrator.
Now command window is opened and now type "slmgr -rearm" and press enter. Remember to give a space between slmgr and -rearm.
Now a dialog box appears asking you to restart your windows .
Done. Now your windows 7 has become Genuine.

How to activate and make windows 7 genuine using windows 7 loader:

Now if you are using windows 7 ultimate as your OS, then you may face or may be still facing a problem that Windows is not genuine. Windows is provided with different versions like windows 7 sp1, sp2 etc. which are available in the market. Here we will show you how to make windows 7 genuine without the purchase of windows 7.
First of all you have to turn OFF Windows update. For doing this, goto control panel and search for windows update and Click on Change setting, From there, select "Never check for updates" option and Click OK.
Now download the software called Window 7 Loader by Pc-comp-net.
After the download, extract the rar file. ( Turn off your antivirus before extracting).
As soon as you extract, goto "Window 7 Activator" folder and run The "windows 7 Loader Release 5.exe" file Click "Select Task".
  • From next tab (first tab), select the brand of your computer (in my case it's Dell). If you didn't find your Computer brand name, then select any name. 
  • Click on "Active Slice Present". And Wait (Be Patient until It Works) Then another Window Will Pop Up
  • From the popup "Select your Certificate" again select your Computer brand or any name.
  • Click on Install.
After that Click "Install information 32bit" Or "Install information 64Bit" depending On Your Operating System. If you don't know whether your OS is 32bit or 64bit, then find it by using the below picture.
  • Goto Start> Control Panel> System 
  • or
  • right click on my computer.
  • After Clicking on  "Install information 32bit" Or "Install information 64Bit" Depending On Your Operating System, a popup will appear saying "Information Installed Successfully"
  • Now Hit The "Hazar Option 2" Button, wait until it finishes and then restart your Computer.
Step 7: 
After restarting you Computer, again goto "Window 7 Activator" folder. Run The "RemoveWAT.exe" file And Choose Remove WAT, wait and let it work. Thats it , your windows is activated.


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