How TO Block Adult websites on pc

In Today's modern world, the main worry of every parent is that their children may get infected by the adult websites which are ruling today's internet era. Bad content present online includes any online material which has an ability in negatively influencing the kids and/or teenagers( For e.g. Adult Websites, etc.,). This contrasts with majority of content available online of which some are very useful, but some are really dangerous for people and especially it may have an adverse bad effects on children and youth. 
So as a solution to the above emerging problem, we should block websites which contain adult content and corresponding website blocker technique can be incorporated.
Here we had come up with a technique through which we can efficiently block Adult Websites in our computer/pc. And there may be also the process to unblock blocked websites, currently we get focussed on how to block a Website which has Adult content in it.
By just following the following simple steps, we can block the Adult websites:

How to Block a website which has Adult content in it:

First Open --> Network and Sharing Center on your computer.
Now Click on Connections which will be shown on the window.
After you have clicked on the Connections, you will be getting a window which looks like below and Click on Properties which is Highlighted.
Now just give a single click on "internet protocol version 4(TCP/1PV4)" and you can observe that Properties which is present just below will get highlighted. Now Click on Properties.
Then you will be getting a window where you should check/mark 
                                  "use the following DNS server address" .
block adult sites
As soon as you mark use the following DNS server address, you will be getting a two spaces to enter the IP addresses of Preferred DNS server and Alternate DNS server.
Type in those places in the following manner:
                                Preferred DNS server :
                                Alternate DNS server :
Now Click OK.
Thats all done !!!!
Hence this process acts as Website Blocker software and overall process defines Algorithm which makes to block a site a successful work. 
Now even if anyone open any adult websites, they cannot actually browse them and navigate the content related to Adult because after doing the above process, whenever if anyone opens the Adult websites, they will just get a warning "Content is Blocked". Hence this can used to block a website that are having the Adult content.
By doing the above process, there is no chance of Adult content navigation on our personal content or any type of Adult Advertisements appearing as popups.
By this, the parents need not worry about their children of navigating the adult content and thereby this is huge relaxation for many parents.

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