How To Download Youtube Videos Mp4 Free just by single click In Windows 8, 7, 8.1 on Computer/PC

YouTube is the most popular (top 1) video streaming site in the world. Now-a-days, the YouTube mania has reached peaks where almost some millions of uploads are taking place every day and some billions of people are streaming it daily. Due to its huge popularity, people are mostly interested in watching lots of videos through online and offline every day. Watching YouTube Videos online is not a big issue. But the main problem raises when a person wishes to watch the videos offline. In order to watch the you-tube videos offline, we should definitely get aware of download process. Hence you-tube video download should happen and we have to search for an app to download YouTube videos.


YouTube videos can be downloaded through a number of ways. One is by browsing through a website and pasting the link of your website over there and getting the download link for your video. Yes, there is a website to download YouTube videos.
You can refer to our previous article to download you-tube videos free without using any software from the below link.

Download YouTube videos free without using any software on windows 7,8,8.1

And another way is by using a software to download YouTube videos free. There are many software’s for this process. Here I am going to share you some software’s by which you can download videos from you-tube. So let’s talk about the software’s one by one. But before that, I want to show you a technique by which you can free download YouTube videos online just by single click below the video itself. 

You can take a look from the above image that below the video, you have a download option. Are you wondering how did this happen really! Now I will show you complete tutorial how this has happened and after this article you will be able to download YouTube videos just by single click. Now I would like to introduce you people with a software to download you tube videos free online. Downloading and installation process will be shown step by step for you in this article.
For that, we have a software called SaveFromNetHelper-Web-10eaabdaae-307 using which you can download the Youtube videos just by single click. 

Download and Install SaveFrom.Net Helper for Windows 7,8,8.1:

You can download the software and install it successfully from the following steps.

First of all go to the Official website of the software provider from here.


The website will be looking just like above image.

Next click on the download option just as shown in the image above. As soon as you press the download button, your software is downloaded. Downloaded software will look just like the below image.

Now double click on the file and your installation process starts. After that the installer will download some content from the official website and now you will get a windows just like below. Check on the check boxes for which you want to embed the direct download button and press Next.

After next, click on the Finish from the next window.
That's it. Now you can browse to your favourite video and you will get the download option beside the subscribe button.

Now you have your software installed on your computer. Now I will be explaining the working of the software to download youtube videos free online.

How to download a Youtube Video ?

  1. Now open the Official website
  2. Next on the search bar, type your favorite video name and hit enter.
  3. Now you will be getting a streaming video and below that you can subscribe, about like buttons.
  4. But now you will be seen a special button called download beside the subscribe button.
  5. That’s it. Now by just clicking on that download button, you will be able to download the youtube videos free online just by single click. 
Now there are also some other software’s through which you can download the youtube videos. Next software we are talking about now is Youtube video downloader.

What is Youtube Video Downloader ?

YouTube video downloader is the most popular application to download youtube videos on computer/PC. This is a software where after opening the application, you will have a space to paste your youtube link and after pasting the link you will get the download link for the video. By clicking on the link, your video will be downloaded.

YouTube video downloader free download:

Here we have provided you with a secure and virus free link to download the youtube video downloader.

Download YouTube videos using IDM (Internet download manager):

Internet download manager is a very effective software to download videos from youtube. This software is the most efficient app to download youtube videos but this software comes with only one month trial pack and after the month trial, you have to buy the software.
You can download the software from the below link provided.

                                DownloadInternet download manager

Orbit software to download youtube videos:

Orbit is another popular software to download youtube videos. This software works similarly like IDM where you will get the download option above the video itself on the youtube website.
You can download the software from the below link:

                                   Download OrbitDownloader

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