How to Install Whatsapp on Mac and Windows PC without Bluestacks using AirdDroid

Now a days we find several methods through which you can install whatsapp on pc.However not all methods work for everyone because of the change in the configuration for different platforms. However, if you are looking for a way to install Whatsapp on your PC or MAC without the use of Bluestacks, then we are here to show you the best method by which you can install whatsapp on Mac and Windows PC without using Bluestacks.
There are many ways otherthan Bluestacks to install Whatsapp for windows and on apple products like mac and ipad. And one way I am discussing here is by using an application called Airdroid.
AirDrioid is an application which is free file transferring app for Android smartphones and tablets. This software will allow you to transfer files between your Android phone and PC using WiFi as a   network. Apart from transferring files through the WiFi  network, it also helps you to use Whatsapp on Windows and Mac for free.                                                         
The best thing which we know about using AirDrioid to install Whatsapp on Mac and Windows PC is that using this app you can use Whatsapp simultaneously on your Android phone and on your Mac and Windows PC. Follow these steps to know How to install Whastapp on Mac and Windows and how to use Whatsapp account on Mac / PC and Android phone simultaneously.

How to use WhatsApp without Bluestacks on Windows / Mac and Android Phone Simultaneously :

By following the below steps you can install whatsapp on Mac and Windows PC without using Bluestacks.
Firstly download and install Airdroid on your Android smartphone.
Now click on signup and create a new account and Signin through it.
Now AirDroid will ask you enable real time notification on your PC. Tap on Enable button.
Next enable Android Notification Mirror and Phone.
Now you have to download AirdDriod on your Mac and Windows PC. 
                                   Download AirDroid on PC – Mac 
Install AirDroid on your PC.
Step-7: Now sign in to your AirDroid account using the same username and password that you used to sign up on your Android phone.

Step 8: That’s it. Now whenever you receive message on your Whatsapp account on your Android phone, the same message will also be displayed on your PC.  Click on it to reply.
As I have noted earlier, you should have your Android phone and PC or Mac connected to the same network to get notifications. 

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