How to (remote access)control another pc computer using remote desktop software (Teamviewer)

We all would be definitely having a friend or relative who has very good knowledge on computers and can be able to solve the problems related to computer (Techie guy). In order to help us, he need to visit our home or we need to go to his place. As this is a lengthy and stressful process, we hereby came with a technique through which one person can remote access another pc computer using a remote desktop software called Teamviewer. 
Teamviewer is remote access software which can be successfully able to control another computer without moving to the host's place (i.e., just by sitting in your home, you can be able to control your friend's pc located in some other place). Teamviewer will help you to remote computer access just by sitting in a stationary place.

Is it possible to remotely access another computer ?

Yes, it does. We can be able to control (remote access) another computer just by installing the remote desktop software named Teamviewer. After installing the software, you will be asked to enter the Partner ID which will be provided by your partner whose computer is to be accessed. Your partner would be getting the ID by installing the Teamviewer in his computer. By this way, he can be able to control his partner's computer by using free remote desktop software.

Teamviewer free download:

First of all before knowing about how to control another computer which is far away, we first need to download Teamviewer software. There are many websites where you can download teamviewer. But they may be containing some harmful malware attacks which may harm your pc computer. So we had provided you with a safe download link and installation procedure by which you can be able to get the secure free version of Teamviewer.

Tutorial and link to download Teamviewer:

Below link will redirect you to the secure tutorial (article) to download Teamviewer.
For Teamviewer to be working on your pc, your computer should meet the following requirements.
  1. Both the computers (i.e, you and your partner) should have a working internet connection.
  2. Basic computer knowledge.
  3. min. of 1 GB RAM running with windows 7 or 8.1 or 8.

How to use Remote Desktop software: Teamviewer ?

After installing Teamviewer on both the systems, Now open Teamviewer on both of them.
Now Open Teamviewer and you will be getting a window just as shown below.
There you will be getting a space to enter Partner ID and select your purpose i.e, Remote conrol to control another computer and File transfer for transferring of files.
Now enter Your Partner's ID of whose you want to remote access and press Connect to partner.
After that, you will be asked to enter the password and you should enter the password of your Partner's installed Teamviewer. You will be getting a windows as shown below.
After that, you will be displayed with your partner's desktop screen on a window and you can control your partner's pc computer.
That's it. Now you will be getting your partner's computer in a window and now you have full rights to remote access/control your Partner's pc.
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