How to increase RAM using ROEHSOFT RAM Expander in Android devices (Root Users)

Your phone's RAM is the most essential component which will be playing a vital role in terms of speed and performance. If you are having more RAM, that means the processor has more storage capacity to process more and more temporary functioning files and the device can freely work which ensures it to be fast enough.
But if you are facing the problem of low RAM on your device, then the processing power of your device is affected. And if you have low RAM, then you will probably cannot be able to play high end games on your Android smartphone or even the performance may lag while doing some simple tasks such as watching a video, typing a text etc. 

So if you are suffering from the low RAM problem and if you want to get rid of it, then you are at the right place. After reading this post, you will be able to increase the RAM of your device successfully.

Things before increasing RAM:

Before you actually start out the process to increase the RAM of your smartphone, you need to know couple of things before doing that. In this article we will be using an application to increase the RAM and this app will be requiring root access to your phone.

So make sure that you root your smartphone before starting out. Also keep in mind that there are some issues with this application as roof uses a swap file which will be made on your SD card and hence be used as RAM. But some of the Android devices will not support swap file, so this app won't be functional in that case. So before starting out, make sure that your phone supports swap file. You can check the device compatibility with swap file by using a special application.
You can download the app from here and if it says that it will support, then follow the steps in the post to increase the RAM of your Android device. Or else you can also be able to increase the RAM of your device using the link posted below which will be also working for unrooted users ( i.e., for the users who are unwilling to root their smartphone.

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This RAM expander app which is available in the play store is one of the best app in it which allows you to easily increase the RAM of your Android device. So let's start with the process to increase RAM using ROEHSOFT RAM EXPANDER. 
Please have an abstract look at some of the features of this app to increase the RAM of your Smartphone.

  • Swap memory file upto 4 GB ( In simple letters it can increase RAM by 4GB depending on your device and memory card too)
  • Widget for PNP swap.
  • Detailed analysis of your memory and the details about it.
  • Swappiness kernel parameter already set.
  • Very easy to use and create swap file and really simple interface.
  • It will be working with most of the Android devices.

Download the App from here:


Here in the below are the list of things we would need before starting the process to increase the RAM.
  • A rooted android phone, but if you haven;t done it first root your device as this method only works with root access to your smartphone.
  • ROEHSOFT RAM EXPANDER app, you can download this from the link we provided. But this is not a free app, so you need to buy this or go for some unofficial app versions.
  • An external SD memory card installled on your device.


So follow the below steps to increase the RAM of your Android device:
  • Install the application on your smartphone on which you wish to increase RAM.
  • Now after you installed the app, choose your default language.
  • Now for increasing the RAM, create a SWAP file by clicking on the SWAP active and enabling it.
  • After the process gets finished, just click on the grey coloured box and activate the swap file which is created.
  • Now you have successfully increased the RAM of your Android device.
This RAM which is increased will not be shown in the task manager but you will be able to feel the change in the overall performance of your device which seems to have boosted up. If you have some decent RAM, then you can play some high end games and check the performance. Hence i feel that this post has helped you a lot who are facing the problem about the low performance.

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