How to Unbrick Infcous M530 ( Hard Reset, Hard Bricked and Soft bricked )

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Android is the current most used operating system in the world. Almost more than 50% of the world population is using Android as their primary smart device. It is a free version that's why the whole world started doing lot of experiments on it and daily we find enormous number of cases who end up with bricking their device and seeking a solution to their ever increasing problem. In the process of rectifying some of those problems, we "TechHabitat" is working on sorting out some new types of solutions for these problems.
Today I have come up with a new solution to a new problem about unbricking Infocus M530.
How to unbrick Infocus M530 when it is hard bricked as well as soft bricked.
Follow the below procedure clearly:
1. Infocus M530 Stock ROM in zip format.
                 Click here to download
1. Copy the zip file you have downloaded into your SD card.
2. First of all, connect your mobile to PC/Laptop using USB cable and switchoff your mobile. (Remove the battery and reinsert it).
3. Now press volume-up+power key at a time until you enter into the recovery mode. Recovery mode is the place where you will see some menus regarding the clocking, formatting and installing updates from SD card.
4. In the recovery mode, you will find an option called "Install zip from SD card".
5. Now you can select your zip file from the location where you had saved it in your SD card and just install the file.
6. After the operation is completed, do factory data reset from the same recovery mode and Reboot the device.
7. First boot take almost more than 10 minutes to get booted.
After the device gets booted, you can see that your phone is power on and you will be able to see the startup logo. That's it, now you will be able to find that your device is unbricked. Enjoy with your routine daily stuff or experiments on your device.

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